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RLT Coordinators

The following volunteers are the production coordinators for the season.  Its the coordinator's job to find crew chiefs or crews for each show they manage. For example, usher coordinators find the ushers for their shows; running crew coordinators find running crew chiefs for their shows.

Note: Crews for shows (eg running crew, props crew) are handled separately by the crew chiefs.  It is the crew chiefs that the coordinators have to find.



Front of house


House Managers

  • Sutton Series: Judy Dove,
  • City Series: Tucker Bullock,
  • Cinderella: Tara Smith,
  • Youth Series: Tara Smith,  

Ushers: Larisa Putnam,

Office & Administration

Archivist: Catherine Lambe,

Web Site: David Watts, david@rltvolunteers.org

Business office: Larisa Putnam,


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