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East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Buy ticketsBy Tina Howe
Music by Mel Marvin
Presented by RLT's Teens on Stage
Show poster

July 13 - 22, 2012
Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre (General Admission Seating)

Folk tale. Set in the midst of a bitter Norwegian winter, this is an enchanting story about a brave young woman. A White Bear visits a peasant family promising great riches if they allow their daughter, Tove, to come and live with him. She travels with the Bear to his castle where she discovers that he is a bewitched Prince. They fall in love but are separated. On a quest to save him, Tove encounters eerie hags, the four winds and dangerous trolls.

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Director: Linda O’Day Young

Ticket information

Tickets available now. Buy them online or from the box office at 919-821-3111. Group sales will also be available from the box office.

Tickets for East of the Sun and West of the Moon are also available in a Youth Series Membership. Ticket prices are discounted when you purchase a membership!

Ticket prices:

Adults & Teens: $13
Children age 12 and under: $9

Show dates are July 13 - 22, 2012.
Location: Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre

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Cast and Crew

Teens on Stage is an intensive five-week theatre program for teenagers which culminates in a full-scale production and RLT's first show of each season. TOS students take morning conservatory classes which include movement, acting, voice and improvisation. The afternoons are spent in rehearsal.

James Scalise as The Bear/Prince and Sarah Gordon as Tove. Photo by John Maruca.

James Scalise as The Bear/Prince and Sarah Gordon as Tove. Photo by John Maruca.

Teens On Stage:

  • Sarah Gordon: Tove
  • Triona Kagan: Gjerd / Troll Queen Mother
  • Sam Haw: Olav
  • Sara Evans: Gunnhild / Troll Princess
  • Maddy Kunkel: Trud / Durt
  • Drew Ammons: Knut /  Troll Best Man
  • Ben Mygatt: Einar / Troll Usher
  • Henry Hopson: Froy
  • Jessica McGee: Frid
  • Bailey Hart: Servant / Whale Puppeteer / Troll Minister
  • Alyssa Hartzheim: Servant / Whale Puppeteer / Troll Flower Girl
  • Kinsey Watson: Servant / Whale Puppeteer / Troll Photographer
  • James Scalise: The Bear / Prince
  • Audrey Dubois: First Hag
  • Parker Perry: Second Hag
  • Zöe Chester-Thompson: Third Hag
  • Rachel Kanakanui: East Wind / Butterfly Puppeteer / Tree
  • Wesleigh Neville: West Wind / Butterfly Puppeteer / Tree
  • Maya Hamer: South Wind / Butterfly Puppeteer / Tree
  • Owen Flaherty: North Wind / Butterfly Puppeteer / Tree

Production crew:

  • Linda O’Day Young: Director
  • Jacob Snyder Timmons: Assistant Director / Assistant Stage Manager
  • Yvonne Koch: Musical Director
  • Thomas Mauney: Scenic Designer / Lighting Designer / Technical Director
  • Vicki Olson: Costume Designer
  • Judy M. Dove: Puppet Designer
  • Becca Easley: Sound Designer / Sound Engineer
  • Tess Mygatt: Assistant Sound Designer
  • John Maruca: Assistant Sound Engineer
  • Emma Caterinicchio: Stage Manager
  • Drew Caterinicchio: Teaching Assistant / Teens Back Stage
  • Bryan Bunch: Teens Back Stage
  • Jeremy Diamond: Teens Back Stage
  • Mary Hopkins: Teens Back Stage
  • Joseph Hough: Teens Back Stage
  • Barry Liu: Teens Back Stage

Teens Back Stage is the back stage program for teens, similar to Teens On Stage. TBS students learn by doing, as they participate in numerous behind the scenes activities such as building and painting scenery, hanging and focusing lights, and finding and creating props for the production.

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